The Sanifloor from Saniflo is not only is a suction pump of a unique design but it will discharge vertically up to 3 metres and up to 30 litres per minute.

Waste fittings will be available for shower trays (with 90mm waste hole) as well as tiled or vinyl (sheet) flooring.


The use of a low level shower tray is of course very desirable, particularly if the tray threshold is less than 50mm as this requires very little effort to step onto and is also aesthetically more desirable when compared to a higher tray.

Unfortunately many installations of low level shower trays are compromised as the tray is being installed onto an unbreachable concrete floor. In instances such as this you are usually left with no alternative other than installing the tray on adjustable feet (or riser kit). Whilst this will allow the tray and waste to be installed the overall look could be compromised as in effect you no longer have a low level tray (typically the addition of adjustable feet will add about 100mm to the overall height of the shower tray)

Saniflo have the perfect solution for just such an installation dilemna. Traymatic is a shower tray at only 46mm high and is supplied with either an internal or external pump, which sits above floor level thereby negating the need to either raise the tray up or excavate the floor. Traymatic will discharge in 22mm pipework a distance of 2.5 metres vertically and 20 metres horizontally (or a lesser combination of the two).

Traymatic is available in the following sizes:900 x 900mm, 1000 x 800mm and 1200 x 800mm.