Product details for SANICONDENS CLIM DECO

Possible connection

  • Air Conditioning Unit
Vertical discharge: 6 m

Sanicondens Clim Deco product reference: 1134

An easy to install, discreet pump to expel the condensate from air conditioning units and refrigeration units.

​- Designed for air conditioning and refrigeration units

- Prevents dripping

​- Very quiet operation

- Easy installation

​- Discharges through 8mm or 10mm pipework

- Flow rate 12L/h

Electrical Supply (V/Hz) 220-240 / 50
Protection IP24
wattage 16
Discharge Pipe Diameter (mm) 8 / 10
Vertical Discharge (m) 6
Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) 115 x 145 x 57.5
iso CE
Discharge Rate at Max. Height (gpm) 12

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2017 version

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