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Sanineutral product reference: 1082/4

The Sanineutral will neutralise the acidic condensate from a boiler before the waste is drained away, hence protecting pipework and the environment from damage. It works without a pump but can be placed in the pipework before a Sanicondens Pro or Eco.

- Designed to neutralise the acidic concentrate from a boiler

- Suitable for condensing boilers up to 50kW 

- Replaceable neutralising granule packs

- Easy maintenance and fits on the wall or floor

- Top or side entry options

- Discharges through 40mm pipework

- Replacement neutralising granule packs available

- Tank volume 1.2kg


Max. Amperage (A) 40 / 32
Average temp 60
Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) 285 x 103 x 88
iso EN 12056-1 = NF P16 -250-1

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