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Traymatic Exterior product reference: RD59***

The Traymatic Exterior  is a low profile shower tray with external wastewater pump, making it an ideal solution for installing a shower almost anywhere with minimal disruption. No excavation is required, making it perfect for unbreachable floors.

- Low level tray height of 53mm for ease of access by the less mobile

- Comes with an anti-slip surface for additional safety.

- Discharges through 22mm or 32mm pipework

- Pumps up to 3m vertically or 20m horizontally  

- Optional access ramps are available separately

- Waste trap included with chrome plated cover

Tray sizes and full product codes:

RD590AD - ​800 x800mm, ​RD591AD - 900 x 900mm, RD592AD - 1000 x 800mm (Right hand), RD593AD - 1000 x 800mm (left hand), RD594AD - 1200 x 800mm (Right hand), RD595AD - 1200 x 800mm (left hand) 

Electrical Supply (V/Hz) 220-240 / 50
Protection 44
Min. Gravity Fall on Horizontal Run 3
wattage 250
Motor Speed (RPM) 2800
Discharge Pipe Diameter (mm) 32
Vertical Discharge (m) 3
Horizontal Discharge (m) 30
Average temp 35
Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) 800 x 800 x 53 / 900 x 900 x 53 / 1000 x 800 x 53 / 1200 x 800 x 53
iso EN 12050-2

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