Q Are the macerators suitable for tampons & sanitary items ?

Items of this nature should not be disposed of through the domestic Saniflo macerator range as they are likely to cause a blockage. Our professional units Sanibest & Sanicubic are suitable for this type of product

Q How can I unblock my Saniflo?

We do not recommend the use of drain unblocking products (eg containing acids etc) these will tend to damage the rubber / plastic components within the unit.

We recommend that you call out an approved Saniflo service engineer. Please refer to the engineer listing on our website.

Q Do the machines need to be descaled or cleaned ?

Saniflo Ltd manufacture an own branded descaler, please ask your local Saniflo supplier for details.

For general cleaning purposes normal wc cleansers are also ok to use with a Saniflo product

In general, normal regular cleaning may be done using any non-foaming cleaners.
High foaming brands should be avoided as the agitation could cause temporary difficulties in the pumping operation.

Both for descaling and general cleaning the following procedure is useful

1) Remove fuse or switch off power to unit
Pour a strong dose of descalent, bleach or disinfectant (say a 1/3 or ¼ bottle) into the WC pan.

2) Flush the WC.

3) Leave to stand for 1 to 2 hours.

4) Switch power back on, allowing unit to pump out and flush WC.


Q Are the machines suitable for solvents ?

You must not dispose of solvents such as white spirit, turpentine or other paint brish cleaners, via a Saniflo unit.

Such chemicals will damage the rubber / neoprene components in the machine and invalidate the warranty.