New cloakroom thanks to Sanifos

Case studies 06/26/2018

Sanifos 110 - the smallest in the range

The newest and largest addition  to  the  Saniflo  range  is the Sanifos underground pump. The Sanifos 11O - the smallest in the range with a 11O litre capacity - has helped to transform an unloved and unused outbuilding  butting  onto the edge of a farmhouse into a downstairs cloakroom. The much needed facility is the only downstairs 'loo' in the large, rambling farmhouse which is located in the pretty village of Normanton to the East of Nottingham.

Nigel Stone, a local builder, is working on a number of projects for the farm owners. When he was looking for drainage solutions for the 'lean to' conversion he considered various options. Situated at the rear of the building it would have been impractical to dig up the paths leading round to the septic tank in the small courtyard at the side of the house. The option of routing discharge pumps from a standard macerator  pump  was  equally  inconvenient.  lt   would have involved a lot of internai plumbing and  disruption, which the owner didn't want. So, the logical choice would have involved too much internai  plumbing  and disruption, so the logical choice was to connect to an external pump. Thankfully, the plumbing from an old downstairs WC was located 1.5 metres up and across the footings and base for a new conservatory. Nigel was able to put the pipes in by hand and called in a plumber to make the final connections.

The process was quite straightforward once we had  identified the route for the outlet pipes. 1 had just removed a very old WC which was connected to a mains  drain. The drain is some 20m from where we have sited the Sanifos and it has a rise of about 1-2m.  We  couldn't have converted the cloakroom without a  pumping solution and the pump from Saniflo was an ideal solution. The addition of a downstairs WC has certainly added value to the property.

Several times a year, the farm owners open their doors for local children and teenagers to experience working in an agricultural business. Thanks to the Sanifos, they no longer have to troop upstairs to use the main facili ties. ln the longer term the farm is planning to open its doors to more groups and will be installing a disabled  facility  in  the  grounds. This will need a second Sanifos which is likely to connect directly into the septic tank.

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