Saniflo Warranty


All of our Saniflo products come with a standard two-year warranty. In order to register for your three year warranty extension simply fill in the warranty form on the website or complete the registration card that came inside the box and send it to us by post.

Our three year warranty extension is applied to the following products only:

Saniflo Up, Sanitop Up, Saniplus Up, Sanipro XR Up, Sanipack Pro Up, Saniwall Pro Up, Sanivite +, Sanishower + and Sanispeed +

All other units have a two-year warranty as standard.

Our guarantee to you: 

Our devices have a two year guarantee against manufacturing defects, malfunctions, defects or non-compliances.

The guarantee is limited to repair or the replacement of the defective part that was detected. The purchaser will not claim compensation for the loss of use resulting from the defect or malfunction or repair of consequential damage.

The guarantee does not cover defects or malfunctions caused by: 

  • a non-compliance installation according to the manufacturer's instructions or any unsuitable installation
  • an abnormal or improper use (lack of maintenance or improper maintenance, use of chemicals or cleaning products not intended for maintenance of the device, presence of limestone...) 
  • the admission of foreign bodies different form those the the unit is designed to receive (toilet paper, faecal matter), especially metal objects, stringy or hard materials, hot liquids or corrosive liquids... 
  • accidents, shock or any damage incurred in connection with transport operation, movement or manipulation of the device, voltage errors, overvoltage, storms, supply connection mistakes;
  • disassembly, repair or alteration of elements of the unit by the purchaser or a third party other than installers or Saniflo approved service engineers. 

The Saniflo guarantee is for the purchaser only and is non-transferable

Any repair carried out under guarantee must be carried out by an approved Saniflo approved engineer (Official Saniflo® approved macerator service and repair engineer website)

If you have any questions regarding your guarantee please speak to our technical team in the first instance ( 

Any guarantee claim will be discussed with our technical manager and the approved Saniflo engineer. The claim will be decided by our technical manager, whose decision is final.