The installation of a SANINEUTRAL unit makes it possible to discreetly neutralize acid condensates from boilers.

  • Compact design
  • Semi-transparent window
  • 2 inlets

SANINEUTRAL Mini is a condensate neutraliser for gas boilers. This product eliminates acidity from water in boilers before the water is removed. The SANINEUTRAL Mini can be used in gas boilers up to 25 kW. It works without a pump and can be used in conjunction with a SANICONDENS pump.

The semi-transparent SANINEUTRAL window makes it possible to monitor the granule level. The neutraliser can be fixed on the wall or the ground in order to adapt to the position of the boiler. 

SANINEUTRAL maintenance is also simple, its removable lid means there is no need to disconnect the pipes. Its modern and compact design make it ideal for kitchens.

SANINEUTRAL Mini datasheet

Number of available inlets
Outlet diameter
32 mm
Maximum incoming water temperature
60 °C
Top inlet diameter (fitting included)
32/40 mm
Side inlet diameter (fitting included)
32 mm
Minimum pH
Maximum power of associated gas boiler
25 kW