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  • Bidet
Vertical and horizontal discharges: 7 m 70 m

Sanispeed + product reference: 6045

Ideal for light commercial environments such as small shops, cafes, offices, bars and dental sugeries where grey waste water needs to be disposed of.

- Ideal for light commercial applications

- Sanispeed + deals with grey water from a shower, wash basin, bath, bidet, washing machine, dishwasher and sink.

- Low activation level (95mm)

- Robust motor (400 Watts)

- Four inlets, two side entries and two cover entries

​- Working temerature of 35ºC

​- Will handle temperatures up to 75ºC for short periods

- Now with carbon filter included to neutralise odours

- Pumps vertically up to 7.5m or horizontally up to 70m

​- Discharges through 32mm pipework

- NEW - up to 5 year warranty 


Electrical Supply (V/Hz) 220-240 / 50
Working Temperature (°C) 2 A
Protection IP44
Bruit 42 dB(A)
Max. Amperage (A) 40
wattage 400
Discharge Pipe Diameter (mm) 32
Vertical Discharge (m) 7
Horizontal Discharge (m) 70
Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) 320 x 368 x 190
Maximum Temperature (°C) 75
Discharge Rate at Max. Height (gpm) >6000L/h

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