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Installing an air conditioning unit

When the air conditioning unit is in operation, condensation is usually generated, which is normal. This is not a leak, it indicates that the device is working properly. A condensate collection tray is also provided to collect this waste. The water is then pumped away pipe that connect to the exterior of the property. This natural evaporation of condensation is continuous.

Installing an air conditioning unit

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Why install an air conditioning unit?

When the evacuation of condensate is not possible naturally, SFA offers you solutions to collect the condensate from your air conditioning unit quietly and discreetly.

SFA offers you a Sanicondens Clim Mini S; a miniature pump for raising and pumping away the condensate discharged by air conditioners with a power of up to 8 kW. This new product is also available in Sanicondens Clim Pack, a complete solution for the installation, including a Sanicondens Clim Mini pump, and white trunking with a reversible plate (left / right).

Compatible with air conditioners up to 8 kW power, Sanicondens Clim Mini S is particularly quiet with a sound pressure of only 21 dB (A); the best on the market! It gives a flow rate of 9 l/h (+/- 15%) with maximum suction, and allows up to 2 metres between the detection unit and the pump. It can discharge condensates up to a height of 6 meters.

Accepting a maximum incoming water temperature of 35 °C, Sanicondens Clim Mini has a 16 mm diameter inlet and a 6 mm outlet. Made in France and having an IP 20 electrical protection rating, Sanicondens Clim Mini S is also equipped with a safety system with thermal protector (130 °C), as well as an anti-overflow alarm contact.

For maintenance and safety it is designed with a transparent base and with an anti-siphon system with vacuum breaker as standard. This prevents any pressure overload to protect your installation and extend the life of the air conditioning.

Very compact, (detection unit: 74 x 37 x 37.5 mm - pump unit: 57 x 32 x 105 mm), the assembly of the Sanicondens Clim Mini is simple and easy, and it is supplied with fixing accessories and connections (1.2 m flexible hose, detector support, vent tube, power cable and vacuum breaker).