Simple pump sizing with SFA PumpSelect

SFA PumpSelect allows you to make quick, accurate pump selections, configurations and to produce PDF data sheets with the performance curves and duty points. 

« SFA PumpSelect » is a planning tool to help you to select the right pump. 

You can choose between various pump selection procedures:

Hydraulic selection using duty point as a selection basis

Select pumps based on wastewater type and duty point (flow rate, static head and dynamic head).

Flow curves detailing duty and operating points can be produced to allow you to make the best selection possible.

Multiple duty points, and multiple pumps can be selected for comparison.

Product Selection Browser using series name and pump type

Browse the extensive range of commercial pumps and lifting stations by series name or pump type to quickly retrieve technical information such as flow curves, dimensions, datasheets and pictures. 

After the pump has been selected, (similar to the hydraulic selection) you can input fluid and duty details to produce flow curves and operating points. 


Simply enter flow rate, total head, frequency (50Hz for the UK) and any key words to bring up relevant pump selections.  

The relevant pumps are displayed without any intermediate steps along with pump specifications and flow curves.

The detailed instruction will help you understand the 3 options and is your best way to get started with our pump sizing tool

SFA PumpSelect.


SFA PumpSelect is a web-based application and does not require any software installation.