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Sanifloor Shower Waste Pumps

News , Professional blog 07/24/2023

Sanifloor Shower Waste Pumps

Don’t hold back your dream renovation. Saniflo’s innovative shower waste pumps allow the shower to be installed in the location of your choice.

Shower in the loft, the basement or simply in the bathroom…

It’s all possible with a Saniflo shower waste pump. With one of the most comprehensive ranges of pumps, macerators and lifting stations on the market, Saniflo products were developed to enable the addition of new facilities anywhere in pretty much any building; when gravity drainage isn’t an option, or the civils work is too expensive.

Make bathroom renovations easier with Sanifloor

Saniflo’s specialist range of shower waste pumps means that converting any domestic space, such as the attic, the cellar or a spare room, into a bathroom/shower room is easier than you think. A combination of the right product and a good plumber can ensure the swift transformation of unused space.

Why choose a Sanifloor shower waste pump?

With some of the only pumps on the market that actively sucks waste from the gully and pumps it away, a Saniflo shower waste pump is not only quick and easy to install, but ensures that no water is left behind to fester.

Four options for maximum compatibility

The Sanifloor+ range of waste pumps was launched to cater for shower areas where floor drainage is required, but space underneath the shower area is limited. Available in 4 configurations, the Sanifloor + can be used for wetroom style shower rooms with tiling, vinyl flooring, super slim shower trays and even WEDI former for tiling. Each variation is supplied with a removable hair drain to ensure nothing enters the pump that could impact it working efficiently.

The four drain options available on the Sanifloor plus

Designed for convenience

The real beauty of the Sanifloor+ is its ability to communicate wirelessly between the pump and drain. Water entering the gully automatically activates the pump using an internal drain detection system – it is then sucked up and pumped towards the main pipe. A high flow rate of 25l ensures that the pumps can be used with the very latest in powerful rainshower heads and the dual action, suck and pump feature can pump water away up to 3m vertically and 30m horizontally. Whilst the gully and trap are installed under the floor, the unit itself can be sited up to 300mm above the gully – out of sight behind a panel or inside a cabinet or cupboard.

Example Sanifloor installation diagram showing wireless communication feature

Making shower installations possible

A recent shower cubicle installation into the umpire’s changing room at a cricket club was saved by the addition of a Sanifloor+ when the installer realised the gravity fall from the shower waste to the nearest drain was insufficient to take the water waste from the shower. An adjacent WC, which was connected via soil pipe to the drains, proved to be the solution. A hole was drilled through the wall and the waste pipe from the shower was attached to a Sanifloor+. The pipes ran up and along the WC wall to tap into the main soil stack and the shower installation was made possible.

Sanifloor used to install a shower in a cricket club changing room

Other shower pumps from Saniflo

Other shower pumps in the Saniflo range include the Sanishower Flat and the Sanishower+, both of which can take the waste from a basin as well as a shower. The Flat is a small pump for discreet installation and designed to work with low level shower trays of around 80mm, whilst the Sanishower + can pump up 5m and along 50m or a combination of the two.

Whatever your project, check out Saniflo shower pumps for a proven, durable and efficient solution.

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