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  • The Saniflush is a complete ceramic toilet with built-in macerator.
  • This rimless toilet is easy to clean, has a dual flush push button and a 3-6 litre tank.
  • Comes with soft close seat.


  • Shower
  • Toilet
  • Washbasins

The Saniflush is a complete ceramic toilet, with cistern and comes with a built-in macerator. It is easy to install and means you don't need to carry out major works to install a new WC. You can also include a basin or shower. The macerator is easy to get to for maintenance. The rimless bowl means the toilet is easy to clean.


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Technical data sheet

Number of inlets available 1 (right or left)
Diameter of inlets 40 mm
Recommended discharge diameter 32 mm
Motor consumption 400W
Supply voltage 220-240V/50Hz
Electrical class I
Sound level 46 dB(A)
Max. horizontal discharge 100 m
Max. vertical discharge 5 m
Max. flow rate 90 L/min